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All around the world people love pineapples. Pineapple is many people's favorite fruit. They are fresh, available all year around, nice for breakfast, lunch and desert; great to combine with meats, poultry or fish, grilled on the barbeque or mixed in drinks and smoothies. Apart from their great flavor, pineapple is also a very healthy fruit, containing lots of fibers and a source of vitamin C.

Over the years the idea took shape that all stakeholders in the pineapple food chain should benefit, which is currently not always the case yet, despite all good intentions.

The Sustainable Pineapple Alliance (SPA) is established to motivate, stimulate, help and assist stakeholders in the pineapple chain to move towards sustainable pineapples for everybody.

It is of vital importance for everybody, from those doing the actual planting, nurturing and harvesting, but also for the small-scale farmers, wholesalers, purchasers, supermarkets and small mom & pop businesses, up to the final consumer, that a sustainable and traceable supply chain is created for the product.

A group of experts from the pineapple chain joined forces to establish SPA with the intention to be instrumental in this process.

Some of the major stakeholders in the SPA decided that the best way to launch a more sustainable pineapple production was to focus first on improving and maintaining soil fertility and to study smallholder schemes and run pilots, in which rotation-schemes with local cash crops and guaranteed food security are included.

SPA will facilitate those efforts. Tests will be carried out, knowledge gained and shared with partners and members. Following these pilot soil and smallholder schemes, other challenges will be addressed. The final goal of SPA is to lounge a platform where the acquired knowledge can be shared with all interested parties.

The Board of the Sustainable Pineapple Alliance consists of:



Henk Zoutewelle (The Netherlands), Chairman
(President) Product & Chain Manager at Eosta
tel: +31 (0)180 635544


Aart van den Bos MBA (The Netherlands), Treasurer
Managing Partner Soil & More International B.V.
tel: +31 (0)88 0079580

Leo Boersen (The Netherlands), Secretary
Former partner of a well-known Dutch Law Firm, retired

Daniel Herrera, member (Costa Rica)
Soil Scientist at Earth University and Pineapple grower


Robert van der Laan, member
Experienced tropics specialist at Fruit Multinationals and pineapple grower

Dennis Gaughen, member (Costa Rica)
General Manager on a Sustainable Pineapple Farm & Sustainable Specialist



S.P.A. uses an integrated approach to sustainability




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Our more extensive website will be available soon. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to call us on +31 (0)88 0079580, we will be happy to oblige.


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